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    Tipelin is a registered trade mark for medium and high density polyethylene grades manufactured by MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. MOL Petrochemicals (formerly called TVK) unimodal medium and high density TIPELIN grades (MDPE and HDPE) are produced by continuous suspension polymerization using low pressure catalytic process under licence of Phillips Petroleum Co. The density range of co-polymers produced with hexene-1 co-monomer grades is 0.934-0.955 g/cm3. The bimodal high density TIPELIN types are produced by CX Process under licence of Mitsui. This slurry phase polymerization employing a super-high-activity catalyst and a two-reactor system. The density range of co-polymer grades produced with butene-1 co-monomer is 0.955-0.961 g/cm3.)